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The cure fer what ails yore hunger!

PoFolks has been known for over 25 years for our Award-Winning Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken (don't try to say that 3 times fast...) and our Famous Kuntry Fried Steaks!  Over the years our menu has grown to include seafood, grilled items, sandwiches, salads, appetizers, and dee-serts!  We also have over 20 homestyle vegetable choices available everyday! PoFolks is TRULY a family restaurant for folks who crave 


Hearty, Homestyle Cooking!

Here are some items you'll find in every location...



Cheese Stix, Onion Rangs, Breadsticks, and Fried Green T'maters by the basket!

Baskets of Chicken Livers or Chicken Gizzards!


Try a garden patch salad before or with yore meal or try one of these salads for lunch or dinner!

Kuntry Fried Steak Salad, Fried or Grilled Chicken Breast Salad,

Calabash Shrimp Salad, or 

The "Works" Salad-it's beggin' ya ta SPLURGE!

"The Whole Shebang" Salad

 Topped with Kuntry Fried Steak, Fried or Grilled Chicken Breast, and Calabash Shrimp!


This is a Chicken...vBLUE RIBBON CHICKEN DINNERSvThis ain't no Cow...

Our Chicken is CLUCKIN' GOOD!

 You've heard other folks talk about how they've got the best chicken around. Well, we ain't talkin', we're SHOWIN! Our Fried Chicken is BLUE RIBBON AWARD WINNING! We have Fried Chicken Dinners, Chicken Tenders, Boneless Chicken Breast Dinners, Chicken Livers an' Gizzards, an Chicken n' Dumplings! You can even get a PO TA GO Chicken Picnic, which feeds SIX PEOPLE completely!


          WhiteFish and Shrimp                  

All kinds of catches are available at PoFolks! We have Fish, Catfish, Shrimp, Clams, and Crab cakes! You can even make a combo out of them, or try our GONE FISHIN' PLATTER (a samplin of Fish, Clams, Shrimp, an' crab cake)!




Veggies cooked fresh daily!

With a HUGE selection of homestyle veggies prepared fresh daily, it's no wonder people keep comin' back!

Here is a list of our veggies available every day..

Fried Okra          Po-Tater Salad         Cottage Cheese          Macaroni n' Cheese 

Cole Slaw            Mashed Po-Taters    Cabbage                      Sliced T'maters      

 Applesauce          Baked Po-Tater       Red Beans n'  Rice         Baked Apples         

Green Beans        French Fries            Black-eyed Peas           Corn on th' Cob      

Turnip Greens            Rice n' Gravy               Baked Beans                

Over 20 veggies ta pick from!



     Grilled Pork Chops and Kuntry Fried Steak



Dee-Lishus Dee-Serts!

We'll crack yore sweet tooth with an assortment of diet-killin' goodies! Try an Apple, Blackberry, or Peach Cobbler topped with a scoop of "Niller Ice Cream. Or maybe a Mississippi Mudd Pie, so rich it'll make ya beg fer more...We also have Strawberry shortcake and our Hot fudge ice cream cake ta round ya off jest rite!

Great Kids' Meals!PoFolks also has Kids' meals that'll properly teach the li'l ones about homestyle cookin'. Kids have many of the same choices as adults, an' then some! Check with the PoFolks in yore area for their Kids' menu selections...




Chicken Picnic!!

All items on the menu are available for take we also have family meals and chicken by the box for take out!!! Call your local PoFolks to have it waiting!!!





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